Nada Elissa, born in 1990 in Cairo is multidisciplinary artists, facilitator and movement practitioner. Nada believes that she is part of a system and as much as it can affect her, she can also affect it.

The School of Life is, for her, where she really absorbs information. Organisms and ecosystems are an integral part of her inspiration; they help her develop her creative side and admiration for regenerative thinking.

Photography remains her main medium of expression. In 2015, she was awarded for one of the best female photographers by Photo Boite’s 30UNDER30 and her work has been showcased in publications such as Brownbook, Vogue and The Wire. Elissa is part of the inception team behind Zawya, the first art house cinema in Egypt as well as an environmental educator with Dayma.

When she is not busy multitasking, Elissa enjoys gardening, taking care of bees and making music – something she cannot live without. Always looking for new opportunities to broaden her horizons, she aims to exchange knowledge in a community setting that learns and evolves together.

During the pandemic period, Elissa shifted her focus to bodywork, movement and creative expression. She developed her own pratice where she combines dance, theatre, voice activation, playfight and conscious emotional work to create spaces for others to unfold their creativity.

In September 2022, Elissa decided to travel to Spain to study Dance, Movement and Performing Arts, a life long dream that she has decided to fulfill. She is now residing in Madrid to complete her education in Contemporary Movement and Theatre.

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